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Welcome to the official website for Keith Bennett, the last missing victim of the Moors Murderers.


We hope all visitors will find it an informative and respectful place to remember Keith, and a useful point of contact for news on the search for him. The old forum was shut down in February 2017 by the hosts and it was out of our control. We have had to start again and we believe it is essential to give Keith and his family a voice as there is so much misinformation about the search for Keith and unscrupulous people using Keith's name for the own benefit. The facts need to be made clear and Keith needs to be shown the respect he deserves.


Please use the links on the left to view the other pages and to go to the forum. I hope you will join us. Thank you.



We are strongly against and wish to discourage anyone, however well-meaning, from attempting their own search of the moor, since more harm than good may well be done.


We know this from experience - in the past, damage has been done by people who didn't have the necessary training to conduct such a search. There have also been many paranormal investigations into the location of Keith's grave but none have proved remotely useful.


We believe the way forward is in facts and scientific examinations of the area. If this sounds abrupt then we apologise, but our aim is simply to raise awareness of the fact that Keith is still missing. We hope that you will give your moral support to this and that the police will then be enabled to renew their efforts into finding Keith.


If you have any questions, please join our forum, where you will find more information and a community of people who support the search for Keith.

Please enter the forum to learn more about Keith.


We need to do everything we possibly can to further the search for Keith.


We believe more could and should be done to find the body of Keith, the last unfound victim of Ian Brady and Myra Hindley.