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Addressing your dog’s behavior with behavior training will be beneficial for both you and your dog in many ways. Your dog will have much better manners, allowing you to breathe a little easier when you are in public or outside of the home situations.

A well behaved dog allows for much more stress free interaction with outsiders. Friends and family members will be much more comfortable around your dog as well. Dogs need to be taught their boundaries and your expectations of them at a very young age as it can be difficult to train them later in life.

There are many benefits of a well trained dog. A well trained dog allows for a relaxed atmosphere with his human family. He should be able to entertain himself without the need for constant attention, therefore allowing everyone around to relax.

They will stay near you and listen intently to any instructions. Make sure to praise your dog when indicated because they are very appreciative of this kind of positive feeling from you.

They will allow you to check them over for injuries following incident without nipping and growling. Your dog should be comfortable with you touching any part of him whenever necessary.

A well trained dog will allow you to walk or run with them at a comfortable pace and not worry about getting tangled or knocked down.

They will be familiar with simple commands such as drop it, leave it, outside, sit, stay; and will know their physical boundaries.

These are a few of the outright signs that a dog has been well trained. It may seem very basic and simple, however; dogs need to be structured, again from a young age. Some people do not realize the importance of this however; and start when their dog’s behavior becomes an issue. It can be frustrating to train your dog, but with the proper materials and knowledge, it is definitely possible to get there.

There are dog obedient classes and training classes in almost every city. You can normally look online for local classes, and be able to see what training methods are used, as well as times and dates for classes. It is an excellent way to get started with your puppy, and allows for some pretty great get-to-know and trust you time with your new friend.

Doggy Dan Dog Training Review

Dogs bark for numerous reasons, and sometimes even the breed of dog is a clue to how much barking is going to go on.  Below, you will find some methods to help stop dog barking.  It may take a few tries however, before you find which method works for you.


One way to attempt to keep your dog from barking is the use of collars.  There is a rather large variety of anti-barking collars on the market today.  Some provide a tiny jolt of electricity, while others give off a citrus smell activated by barking.  This seems to work well as dogs obviously have very sensitive noses, and citrus is not their favorite scent!  Other collars give off a disturbing beeping sound for the dog. You might have to try a couple of different types, but it will be well worth it when you find the one that works for you.

The Water Method

With the water method, you will need to fill a spray bottle or any small container with water.  Before you spray your dog, try first to ask him to be quiet in your normal command voice.  If this doesn’t work, go ahead and get your dog’s face wet. Don’t spray the water too close to his face. Some dogs might mistake this for play time, but if you always begin with using the word “quiet”, followed by a wet face, they will associate the two.  Hopefully your dog isn’t the type to actually enjoy this!


Sometimes, being alone for a dog will cause boredom and he will bark to entertain himself.  Before going away for any length of time, make sure your dog is watered and fed, has comfortable surroundings, and has his favorite toy for example.  Keeping him happy during his alone time will definitely keep the barking at bay.


As mentioned previously, some dogs will bark when they are lonely. After making sure they are in their comfort zone when you plan to leave them alone, if this doesn’t control his barking, you may want to try leaving the television on or playing some soothing music for them.  Hearing other sounds sometimes prevents them from needing to hear themselves barking.  You may even want to record your voice reading a book for example, in order to keep your dog pacified while away.

Finding which method works for your dog might take some time and effort, but when you get there, it will be much better for everyone, including the neighbors!

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